The advert says...

If you are not getting the best from your bank, then you need a new bank

But I'm saying,  if you are not getting the best from your relationship, you don't need a new partner. You just need the right formula. 

The first Formula for a Healthy Relationship is a TRIANGLE. GOD at the top, the man and the lady at the other two sides

If you both work to be closer to God, then you will automatically begin to grow closer to one another. So ensure you both seek God and do His will.

Let the Love of God flood your heart and live your life for God. Encourage your partner in the Lord,  discuss God's Word and pray together.

Let your walk with God be a relentless pursuit, a passion in pursuit and don't ever stop chasing after God. GOD is ALL you need to succeed and enjoy a flourishing relationship and marriage.

Note: Singles, If your partner isn't born again, kindly 'control delete' and if you ain't born again, kindly repent and accept Jesus as your Lord and Personal Saviour. This is very Important. 

The second Formula for a Healthy Relationship is......

Timing plus (+) communication multiply (x) by mutual attraction minus (–) emotional baggage = intimacy.

Giving your relationship the best of your time and communicating right with your partner coupled with the attractions and feelings you both shared and ensuring that you don't transfer the emotional baggage of your previous relationship into you current relationship will give you the best of intimacy and make your relationship wax stronger.

Wishing you a Healthy Relationship. 

Mega Shalom!

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